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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday Night Qigong with Coach Roselando (10/28/13)

MIT Qigong Club
Date: 10/28/13
Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: 5-217 (Back Up: 237)
Cost: FREE

Psychological Illnesses:

Psychological illnesses are primarily caused by sudden, intense, or chronic stimuli of the seven emotions and the mental status.  The seven emotions are: happiness, anger, worry, over-thinking, sorrow, fear and shock.  When these stimuli exceed what the internal organs can handle, they cause turbulence in the human's physical energy which, in turn, causes internal injury and directly affects the corresponding internal organs and promotes the development of various diseases.  Modern psychology recognizes tens and even hundreds of different human emotions.  However, the basic emotions can still be categorized into the following seven types.

Happiness makes the energy relax
Anger makes the energy rise
Worry makes the energy low
Over-thinking makes the energy knot
Grief makes the energy vanish
Fear makes the energy descend
Shock disorients the energy

Quotes: Fu Wei Zhong Shirfu (Emei Qigong Gatekeeper)

MIT Qigong Youtube

Pin Sun Wing Chun "Training Sampler"

Gulao Boxing Association USA 

Pin Sun Wing Chun "Training Sampler"

This video contains many different elements of our Pin Sun Gongfu system! Footwork, punching, partner training, sticking hands and of course free sparring. 


Fight Footage - BUF Fight Night (October 2013) "Boston, Chinatown"

GBA USA vs Nam Pai (Pin Sun Wing Chun vs Hung Gar)

Pin Sun Representative

1st Fight: Will (3 months experience)

2nd Fight: Dave (5 years experience)

3rd Fight: Dave (5 years experience)


Most if not all of this footage was shot on cell phones. Sorry for the low quality...

For more info:

Jim Roselando (Sifu)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Night Qigong with Jim Roselando (10/22)

5min gathering qi
5min dragon post (left)
5min dragon post (right)
10min turning cow
10min hun yun (left)
10min hun yun (right)
5min natural post

Monday, October 14, 2013

MIT Monday Night Qigong with Coach Roselando (10/14)

10min Dr. Ma Li Tang's Gathering Qi
5min Dragon Post (left)
5min Dragon Post (right)
Gathering Qi
20min Mr. Shuren Ma Post
5min Dr. Ma Li Tang's Gathering Qi
10min Friction Step

MIT Qigong Evening of Holistic Health

MIT Qigong & Health Yoga Life

An Evening Of Holistic Health
"Two Arts-Two Instructors"
Qigong: Jim Roselando
Yoga: Siga Bielkus
When: 9/30/13 (Monday)
Time: 7:00-8:30
Cost: FREE

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated!

We had a great turn out at our Evening of Holistic Health. Special thanks to Health Yoga Life instructor, Siga Bielkus, and MIT Qigong coach, Jim Roselando. Forty-five minutes of yoga followed by forty-five minutes of natural qigong!