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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Twisting Step (Dr. Ma Li Tang)

Date: 10/11/11
Subject: The Twisting Step (Dr. Ma Li Tang)

     Last night we had a nice simple set and finished the evening with something a little different from Dr. Ma Li Tang's Qigong.  This training is excellent for loosening up your body which will allow all the important key points to function more naturally during Zhan Zhuang.  As with all our training this set should be completely relaxed so the deeper aspects of healing can surface.  Thanks again for all your support!  

Monday Night Session:

5 Gather Qi
5/5 Crane Post
5 Gather Qi
20 Zhuang #3
15 Twisting Step
Seal & Wash

See you next week!


Jim Roselando