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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Night Qigong at Harvard University

Harvard Qigong Club
Last night we took over the whole plaza @ Harvard. 20 people all training simple yet powerful Qigong.
Last nights set:

10 Ma Li Tang Breath Tuning
10 Crane Post (L&R)
5 Twisting Dragon
15 Emei Zhan Zhuang
5 Leg Meridian
10 Opera Siu Lin Tao
Seal & Wash

Big thank you for all the support!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Harvard Qigong with Coach Jim Roselando

Another great qigong session outside Memorial Hall at Harvard University. We miss the good old days of MIT, but the Harvard Qigong Club is already a huge success. 12 standing tonight! Thanks to Coach Jim Roselando as always. And thanks to all the members for their continued support. Join us every Monday (or Thursday when it rains) at Harvard. 

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10min Dr. Ma Li Tang's Gathering
5min Twisting Dragon Post
15min Mr. Fu Emei Heaven Post
5min Gathering Qi
5min Leg Qi
5min Twisting Dragon Post
Siu Lin Tao Form