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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday Night Qigong with Coach Jim Roselando

MIT Qigong Club
Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: Student Center/Room 491 

5min Gathering Qi
5min Left Crane
5min Right Crane
5min Left Shi Li
5min Right Shi Li
5min Gathering Qi
5min Left Hun Yun
5min Right Hun Yun
5min Turning Cow
5min Universal Post
5min Low Post

Notes from Master Wang Xiang Zhai:
     "The standing exercise represents a very special accumulation of knowledge in China.  But in the past there were very few people who paid attention to it because most people thought it was too simple.  They wondered how, by sitting or standing in a single posture without moving, can you improve health?  When people wonder this, it is because they do not really understand the essence of standing.  In reality, in practicing the exercise of standing without moving, we can not only increase physical strength, but also awaken healing processes within the body, allowing the body to cure itself of all kinds of chronic diseases it might have accumulated during a lifetime.  Therefore, in preventative medicine, standing exercises have great value.  In fact, it is on of the most appropriate ways of exercising."