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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Night Qigong 3/18/13

MIT Qigong Club
Time: 7:00-8:00
Where: Building 5-234
Notes from Wang Xiang Zhai Shirfu:

We've been talking here about standing without any movement.  The person is not doing anything, but inside the body, every single cell is beginning to work and exercise.  The circulation of the blood will begin to function at its maximum capacity, and every function of the body will begin to work in the most natural way; every part of the body inside will work vigorously, while the outward form of the body is inactive.  In this way, every part of the body, all organs and every function of the body is speeding up and slowing down in an appropriate manner.  The heart will not enlarge, as happens in other types of exercises.  In other words; within the body, every part of the body will contribute to normal functioning in an equal manner; compared to the athletic exercises in which the heart is overworked and the breathing responds by also being overworked.  "WXZ"

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