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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Joy of Meditation

Monday Qigong: February 6, 2012
10 min gathering qi
10 min turning cow
10 min cow post (#5)
10 min natural post (#1)
5 min left strength testing (shi li)
5 min right strength testing (shi li)
5 min moving zhuang (#1)
*link to 8 zhuangs

The Chronicles of Tao
by Deng Ming-Dao

     Six months of practice had elapsed, and Saihung, writing in his diary, tried continually to assess his experiences. He now genuinely enjoyed meditation. He laughed in amusement. Huashan had trained him for a decade before he had reached that point. Now, the serenity, the joy, the feeling of absolute health, and the thrill of learning had literally become addicting. There was no boredom. Meditation had made him sensitive. Far from missing human beings, he relished the solitude. His senses and feelings had become so sharpened that there was more than enough stimulation. Art and music were diversion enough. Self-discovery was learning enough. And his unusual experiences, real or visionary, were wondrous enough. In the months ahead, he experienced events so powerful that the question became more and more indistinct. No matter where the source of reality lay, he knew that it could affect him physically, mentally, and spiritually.