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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Benefits of Group Qigong Practice

By Michael Tse (Founder of Qi Magazine)

If you have ever been to my seminars or classes, you would have noticed that we all gather together at the end in a large circle to do meditation together. People will often comment afterwards that the energy was very strong, stronger than when they meditate at home on their own.

Of course, when people gather and work together towards the same goal, there is a sense of harmony that will develop. There will also develop a strong sense of community. This is very important when studying because there are times when you will come to a plateau and it may seem you are not making progress. It is easy at these times to get discouraged and maybe even want to give up. However, if you have made friends with those in your class and also find that others have gone through the same problem, then it is easier to overcome it because of their support.

In relation to meditation, when we are doing together as a group, you have a different mind set. You do not really have the luxury of thinking about stopping your meditation to go do the dishes or call a friend. So your mind is more concentrated. Even if you feel uncomfortable, bored or agitated, you hang in there because to not do so would draw attention to yourself. It is easier just to stay and eventually, you may even find your boredom and agitation just slips away without you noticing. So practising in a group can help you push yourself a little harder and achieve more than you thought you could.

When you practise meditation one on one with someone, it is more personal because you are opening yourself to them both consciously and unconsciously. However, practising alone is good and also necessary. If you always rely on a group for lifting and developing your energy, then your level of development will be limited.

In regard to there being a special Qigong form for practising as a group, itis not necessary. Any form or set ofexercises can be done as group, either with a teacher leading or everyonepractising their own things in the sameroom. The feeling and results will bedifferent in each case, both for the teacherand the student.

Not everyone can be in a situationthat they have a teacher and class topractise. They have the harder roadbecause they arewalking that road alone.If you go to a movie, I think most people would prefer to go with a friend than on their own as it is good to be able to share the experience with someone. That does not mean that if you do go to a movie on your own that you cannot enjoy it. Maybe you will even find it better as you do not have to worry whether or not your friend likes it or what row you should sit in. You can please yourself.

When you practise on your own, you can go to the place you like best and do the forms you want, in the order you want and you can meditate for as long as ou wish. Unlike in a class which is more structured. If you can have both situations, that is good, but it is more structured. It is most important to develop to the best of your ability in whatever field you happened to have been planted.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Tse