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Qigong and the Supernatural

Qi Magazine | Issue 49 | June 2000
By Adam Wallace

There are many human abilities we deem paranormal, or supernatural, which the Chinese respect and term ‘potential’, and regard worthy of scientific enquiry. Qigong follows nature’s principles so any uncommon skills developed through practice are perfectly natural.

Some styles of Qigong claim to offer special abilities including healing powers, aura diagnosis, astral travelling, mind-reading and future prediction, etc. but these are actually genetic. The pursuit of these skills should not be the goal of practicing Qigong but health and longevity. The greater your desire to develop these skills the more elusive they become, and the more mentally unbalanced and unhealthy you will be.

We are conditioned to believe that the universe operates in a certain way and that anything unexplained in scientific terms is ‘supernatural’ and should be treated with suspicion, even though our science is still young. Our rational mind inhibits us from being open to possibilities and if allowed to dominate it is a barrier to our own potential and the truth.

There is a Chinese fable about ahunter who sees a deer in the woods. He fires an arrow through the bushes butthe deer bolts. As he sets forth to retrieve the arrowhe discovers it embeddedin a boulder. Confounded, he returns to his original position and fires at tat the rock. This time the arrow does not penetrate. Previously the hunterheld no preconceived ideas regarding what had happened but when he intellectualised the improbablility of the situation he subconsciously decided the outcome.

Everyone has heard the truetale of the woman who lifted a truck to save her child trapped underneath. In that instant her mind (intent) and body connected to harness ‘supernatural’ strength. She did not stop to rationalize what was possible and had she done so she would undoubtedly have failed. This clearly demonstrates that when our Qi, mind, and body are connected, focused and concentrated we are capable of a great many things. Qigong renders many seemingly impossible feats possible and the difficult seem effortless because it connects the mind, body, and spirit.

Animals possess great instincts and heightened senses as they live closely with nature.We are no different except that we have allowed ourselves to become dulled and go to waste as we seek to remove ourselves from nature and become ill, physically and mentally, from the stresses of living and competing with one another.

The human brain only uses a small percentage of its capacity. We develop our intellectual side but not the intuitive, spiritual side. There are many instances when we think of someone and either the individual is suddenly phoning us or we run into him or her later that day.Sometimes the telephone rings and we know who it is before picking up. Most people explain this as mere coincidence but actually it is because there is a ‘connection’ between the two people and the ‘Sky-eye’ is open.

Messages and information are constantly around us but mostly we are unable to receive them because our minds are distracted or blocked by trivial thoughts, like static radio waves. The mind needs to be relaxed and clear to receive information and then it is possible to know others’ thoughts, their state of health, their problems and other such knowledge. Qigong develops this ‘hidden’ part of the brain. Sometimes you meet people whom you instinctively mistrust. Others may be blinded by their gregarious and effusive nature, fashionable style, affluence, wit or physical appearance but you see their true nature with the ‘Sky-eye’. You can read the person’s unconscious messages which remain undetected by others. Other times you may be somewhere and suddenly ‘feel’ uncomfortable. You are receiving the message that something bad may have previously occurred at that location or it may be a warning of impending danger. You must learn to trust your instincts and follow your intuition to avoid mistakes. Failure to do so is to embrace danger.

The China Qigong Scientific Research Association, in addition to investigating Qigong’s effect on ESP and the like, and medical usage, has firmly established that in the field of academic studies Qigong improves concentration and memory, in sports it raises physical and psychological conditioning for competition, and in the military field Qigong raises endurance, focus, stress threshold, and overall combat capability. Qigong does not endow individuals with any ‘special’ abilities which were not present within them latently from birth. Whatever hidden talents you possess Qigong enables you to realise and develop this ‘potential.’

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