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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Art of Siu Lin Tau


Over the past few weeks, Coach  Roselando has introduced the MIT Qigong Club to the art of Siu Lin Tau. 

The Cho families preservation of Red Boat actor Yik Kam's 'Baan Jung' Opera Wing Chun system takes us back to a time before the art was split into what later became the three fist sets. 

Their Siu Lin Tau long set is an internal set that had four sections. They also preserve a set of SLT Kuen Kuit as guidelines to not only the practice of their SLT but to be used for ones nei gong cultivation. 

In 2007, Coach Roselando wrote/published an article showing the relationship between the Yik Kam art and the mother systems of Fujian Crane Boxing & Emei Snake Qigong. Today many system can be traced back to Fujian Crane but for Wing Chun the uniqueness is the 'Snake' component. 

There is no question that the 1st generation of our art certainly had a close physical relationship to Emei as well as a close relationship with its poetry.