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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pin Sun Wing Chun - Your opportunity to train with Sifu Roselando and Sifu Ferrara

Pin Sun Wing Chun

3 Year Training Program

Sifu Roselando & Sifu Ferrara


Sifu Ferrara and I are looking to start training a new group of students.  We are looking for 4-6 new people interested in studying the art of Pin Sun Wing Chun boxing.  Pin Sun Wing Chun is a rare southern internal system passed down from Master Leung Jan's family.  

Dont miss this opportunity to train this special art.  

For more info please contact us: info@apricotforesthall.com 


Side Body Boxing
Level One Intro
Year One

            Basics, basics & more basics!  Nothing is more important to a fighter than rock solid basics.  Year One of our course will take the student thru a progressive development of Side Body boxing fundamentals.  The practitioner will be taught how to condition & strengthen the body while simultaneously developing all the basic tools of the boxing art.  Solo, partner and sticking methods.

            Basic concepts such as Jung Sien (centerline), Pin Sien (sideline) and Moon (gates) will be trained in detail while progressing thru Year One.  These are of vital importance when studying a boxing art.  They give the practitioner loose guidelines for understanding ones training and application.  Essentially, the basic boxing theory of the art.  Learn the famed basics of Siu Lin Tau & Dai Lin Tau and see why it is said; They will change you!  

            The Side Body boxing course is not a collection of techniques and forms.  The training is designed to directly cultivate natural strength while focusing on the essence of the art.  The student will learn the true alphabet and dynamics of Wing Chun.  This knowledge will allow each practitioner to explore the infinite changes of our hand fighting system while developing a proper foundation.  

Year One Sets/Training:

Choke Hand Thrust Fist
Big Wing
Small Training Set
Big Training Set

Choke Fist Two Man Set
3 Star Exercises
Small Training Two Man Set
Big Training Two Man Set

1st Sticky Hand Training 


Side Body Boxing

Level Two Intro

Year Two
            Body powering, punching skills, footwork and much more.  Year two will take the practitioner on a dynamic year of studying, and developing, many powerful aspects of Side Body boxing.  Your foundation training will begin to fuse with our second stage of development.  Each level of training will build upon the other.   Providing maximum results for the practitioner.   

    Training the famed Arrow and Dart punches of Level Two will bring out dynamic punching skill and body mechanics.  Combine that with the concepts and training of the Cross Punch and Tiger Tail skills will develop full usage of your fist and footwork.   The hand skills development, and the fist/body work of year two, will build the right stuff needed for your development as a strong healthy fighter.
 All solo, partner and second stage sticking methods will be cultivated during Year Two.  Much emphasis will be placed on developing body and hand cooperation.  The Triangle Horse, Darting Horse and famed Tiger Tail 180 all will be trained.  Develop your natural potential with this extremely powerful Kung Fu. 

Year Two Sets/Training:

3 Arrow Fist
Darting Fist
Tiger Tail Fist

3 Arrow Two Man Set 
Darting Fist Sticky Hand
Cross Fist Two Man Set

2nd Sticky Hand Training


Side Body Boxing

Level Three Intro 

Year Three
            Year Three is about making it all function.  Each person will train free-style sparring from sticking, wrist to wrist and non contact.  Developing natural reactions with your skills.  All offensive and defensive Side Body fighting tactics will be focused on during year three.  Certainly an exciting year for growth and development.

            The practitioner will not learn more skills in year three.  The entire alphabet of Pin Sun Wing Chun offensive and defensive tools will have been learned Year One & Two.  This training will focus on crystallizing your foundation and the practical aspects of the art. We have included additional partner exercises such as Escape Hands and 3 Star Legs!  Completing the drills required to train the Side Body fighters core development.

            Internal martial art trains the practitioner from the inside out.  Level Three places a heavy focus on Crossing Hands (wrist to wrist) training.  This is a bridge between the Sticky Hand exercise and the real fighting.  The heavy "inside" training has been your focus and now its time to apply your skills in a dynamic way.  Core training with practical results! Learn how to develop your maximum potential with our 3 year program.   

Year Three Training:

Escape Hands Training
Crossing Hands Training
3 Star Legs

3rd Sticky Hand Training

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