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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Thinking Person's Martial Art

For the first time ever, a glimpse into the mind of an accomplished Yuen Kay San Wing Chun gung fu expert is offered in print. Sifu Yun Hoi, who was a private student of the late Sum Nung (1925 – 2002),  shares never before published insights into the combat aspects of real-life self-defense in general,  and an inside look into this rare mainland art of Wing Chun gung fu in particular.
With endorsements by Professor Graham Priest (co-author of Martial Arts and Philosophy), Kulo Pin Sun Wing Chun authority Jim Roselando, President of the Mantis Association Brendan Tunks, and Wing Chun sifu and former UFC fighter Scott Baker, this book features over twenty photos of Yun Hoi demonstrating techniques and applications.
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For a sneak peak at the table of contents click below!

The Thinking Person's Martial Art - in the final proof stage!