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Friday, March 9, 2012

Coach Roselando's Soft Qigong Sayings Over the Years

Remember the 
Posture, Relaxation, Breathing

Head up, sensitivity at the crown point (bai hui)

Head suspended from above 

Straight spine

Slight bend in the knees

Let the body relax onto the ground

Let the Flesh hang off the bones

Hold the hands as if you have cotton between the fingers

Ankle, Hip, and Shoulder

Posture supported by the Yang parts, let the Yin parts sink.

Stance is like the Eiffel tower.

Slight curl of the toes, weight on outside blade of the foot.

Chest is hollow like the inside of a Coke can.

Breathe in thought the nose slowly, 
breathe out through the nose more slowly.

Sip the air.

Deep soft breathing below the belly button.

Breath in, let the body slightly open---
Breath out, let the body slightly close.

Relax the face, the jaw, the shoulders, relax the chest, the armpits.