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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Qigong with Jim Roselando

Date: 2/27/12
Subject: The Progression
     One of the most common comments made after attending a MIT Qigong Club work out session would be; I thought there would be more moving exercises.  This brings us to a core principle of training in our art.  Master Wang Xiang Zhai clearly stated that the foundation of Yiquan is standing meditation or zhan zhuang.  Why?  Simple answer! If you cannot totally relax while standing still then how do you expect to stay relaxed while moving or during a more dynamic situation?  
     Zhan Zhuang provides us with the simplest possible platform for directly tuning the mind, body and breath which is essential for cultivation strength of the whole body as well as extreme vitality for optimum health.  Once the practitioner can stand and relax then they can begin to test their strength thru small movements and later with stepping.  So the progression is Standing, Moving & Stepping and each must adhere the principle of tranquility at all times.  One should keep in mind that there is movement in stillness and stillness in movement.  Moving or stepping maintain the same mechanics as non-moving practice.  The only different would be the amount of momentum utilized!
Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: Student Center/Room 491

 10min Gathering Qi
5min Posts #1-8
5min Gathering Qi
10min Leg Meridians
5min Seal/Wash
See you soon!
Jim Roselando
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