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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meditation: Stretching of the Mind

Excerpt from Qi Magazine | Issue 69 | December 2003
By Michael Tse

Today many people are interested in Yoga because it is good for the body and mind, but Chinese also have stretching and meditation for the mind and body. Both India and China have a long history of health and culture, so we both understand how to develop the body and mind

Meditation is very important in health. Today we cannot shut our thinking off. To be peaceful, to be calm and not bother other people, then close the eyes, close the mouth and sitting still is the way. However, many people cannot do this. Our lives are so busy now. Ask yourself when you have time to do completely nothing at home. So we must force ourselves to do meditation in the beginning as we are not used to being still. In the beginning, sitting meditation is very good and most people will be comfortable for this. It is much easier than starting with full lotus.

Meditation is mind training. We know that when we close our eyes, we will still keep thinking a lot, but we have to force ourselves to stay there with the eyes closed. It is just like running. It is hard but we have to finish the journey. In the beginning, you might find you will move the body a lot: changing position, scratching at an itch, sometimes even wanting to go to the bathroom, but that is alright for beginners. We all go through this. Later, you will get used to it and it will be easy to go from five minutes to half an hour, from uncomfortable to be comfortable, from many thoughts to no thoughts. This is the training of meditation. Because your mind is empty, this is why you become open to receive any messages. The longer you keep this emptiness, the higher level you will reach. You will find your memory is clearer and your judgment more accurate. You will be able to listen and speak better and your vision will also be clear. In the end, you will become more wise and some people can even develop some psychic potential. I find that people who do not do meditation or find it difficult to meditate will get older quicker. Therefore, meditation is very important for longevity. Daily stretching of the mind will lead us all to live longer and more healthy lives.