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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Qigong Wash-up: Buddha Washes the Face

From Qi Magazine | Issue 54 | Mar/Apr 2001

a. Following the last movement, stand up and let the hands follow the body with palms still closed up to middle Dantian. Then
bring the palms up the face so that the Shangyang point on the index finger touches the Yingxiang point on either side of the

b. Push the palms upwards so that the Laogong points of the palms cover the eyes. Continue upwards so that the palms pass
over the top of the head.

c. Continue to move the hands to the back of the head and around to the ears so that the lower part of the palm covers the
ears. Repeat these movements three times.

This movement stimulates the five external organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and mouth with the Laogong point and fingers. The eyes relate to the liver, ears to kidneys, nose to lungs, tongue to heart and mouth to spleen. So from the external organs, the energy will go back to the internal organs.