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Monday, July 25, 2011

Frequency Adjustment

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Date: 7/25/10
Subject:  Frequency Adjustment


     The two most common reasons for people to test out Qigong is to heal some sort of physical ailment (pain) and the other would be to help with an over active mind (anxiety/stress). So, lets talk a little bit about the arts thoughts on the mind and what it takes to have a little frequency adjustment. Traditional Chinese theory divides human emotions into seven categories: joy, anger, worry, over-thinking, grief, fear and shock. Each of these emotions effect ones energy and over all well being:

Joy: Makes energy relax
Anger: Makes energy rise
Worry: Makes energy low
Over-Thinking: Makes energy knot
Grief: Makes energy vanish
Fear: Makes energy descend
Shock: Disorients energy

     Zhan Zhuang is the game of awareness. Part of this tuning of your awareness is the study of Non-Attachment. By keeping light awareness on these three keys, Posture, Relaxation & Breathing one can begin to avoid attaching to random thoughts that are with all of us. During the practice of Zhan Zhuang one is not expected to "zen out" and not have any thoughts coming in! This is not realistic but what one must understand is that awareness of the breath has a gentle massaging effect on the central nervous system which gradually relaxes your entire system. This is one of the reasons why they state: The primary purpose for Lower Abdominal Breathing is to quiet the mind.   

     If one is struggling with many thoughts during practice all you need to do is not attach to them by keeping light awareness on the three keys. The stronger you attach to these thoughts later turn them into feelings, emotions or desires which disturb your whole system. In Zhan Zhuang when you begin to drift you tend to tense up by losing focus on what is the important. So, anytime your drifting off or day dreaming during Zhan Zhuan just return to the 3 keys of awareness. (Is my posture ok?  Am I loose/relaxed?  Is my dan tien breathing light and natural?)  This is one of the reasons natural Qigong say; In Qigong all we can do is aid in the breaking of physical and mental obstructions which allow the mind and body the heal, strengthen and unite thru tranquility.  

     Zhan Zhuang is a powerful lab for growth. Like any art, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it and its wonders are truly profound! Equilibrium (Zong Ding) is a gradual and smooth process but thanks to the core nature of this Zhan Zhuang Qigong platform we can directly cultivate and heal our entire being with minimal effort. Those who have come to MIT Qigong looking for a little Frequency Adjustment have found the simplest and most effective method known to humanity. All it takes is a little effort!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I look forward to a nice work out tonight.  


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