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Friday, May 13, 2011

WXZ: Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon

Wang Xiang Zhai

Body balanced, empty and agile, spirit should be full, you are vigilant like a leopard walking in the fog, you are agile like an attacking rhinoceros, like a galloping horse, like a dragon. Head straight, you feel some pressure on top of your head, whole body is pulsating, as if dancing, everything is connected, toes as if grasping ground, knees as if embracing something and at the same time pressing outside, there is also some lifting upward force, heels slightly raised. You feel a force as if a tornado was about to pull a tree out of ground, as if you were a dragon which landed for a moment, ready to fly again, ready to twist and sway. You feel power great as if heaven and earth were fighting. When you move, you are like a fierce tiger, as if you intend to crush a mountain slope with your hand. Body as if startled snake, as if it was on fire, like a dragon throwing thunders and flying away, muscles are pulsating, force like gun powder, hands like bullets, slight body movement and bird will not be able to fly away, you are full of great courage. No matter what happens, your mind is like a big fishing net, catching everything, like a dance of the branches of lightening, like scales covering body of a fish, like snow and frost on grass and trees.