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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jim Roselando: Nourishing Qi

Date: 4-4-11
Subject: Nourishing Qi

     I am looking forward to a great Qigong session tonight with everyone.  As always, our Qigong training is absolutely FREE, so come exercise and unite your mind, body and breath @ MIT every Monday with us.  Our Qigong will provide the deepest therapy for your entire being!  

Some notes on Qi from Master WXZ:

Although nourishing and training the Qi originate from the same fountainhead of Qi, yet the study of the stillness and movement of one's nature and life, and the skills of formness and formlessness each have their differences. The art of nourishing the Qi does not diverge from one's nature, the art of training the Qi does not diverge from one's life, the spirit is namely one's nature, the Qi is namely one's life, so nourishing the Qi must start from considering one's primordial nature. The Tao of one's nature and life cannot be expressed in words.  Moreover, the Tao is beyond words, what can be expressed in words is not the Tao. Thus Mencius said: Difficult to say! Nowadays what is difficult to say is said by force, but one's nature and the Tao are void.  Voidness is the fountainhead of heaven and earth, and origin of the myriad things.  So when you want to nourish Qi and cultivate life you must calm your mind and spirit, for mind is the monarch fire and movement is the ministerial fire.  When the monarch fire does not produce, then Qi and thoughts will be quiet naturally, when there are no thoughts, then the spirit will be quiet, when the spirit is quiet, the mind will be calm. Thus it is said; "All the germinating thoughts are like fire. When the myriad reasons are quiet, only then is Truth produced. Letting the Qi be unobstructed leads to nimbleness, the anima will be full, and the spirit will live naturally".  Movement comes from immobility and an act comes from inaction.  


Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: Student Center/Room 306
Cost: Free Free Free

We are only a few short weeks away from the MIT Charity "Stand-A-Thon"!  All donations go directly to the Boston Children Hospital! This event is a win win situation for all who attend.  The kids at the BCH win thanks to our donations and our bodies win from the work out!  Reserve your spot today!


Jim Roselando