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Friday, April 1, 2011

Feeling of Real Qi (zhen qi)

Relax and Calming Qigong
By Wang Peisheng and Chen Guanhua

What is the qi in qigong? It sometimes refers to the air we breathe, sometimes to the universal qi, or to the original vital energy (yuanqi). But there is also a special and important type of qi, which we can feel when practicing qigong. It is sometimes called "real qi" (zhen qi). After practicing qigong for a certain period of time, most people can feel that the acupoint on which their attention is concentrated becomes warm and expansive. This sensation is called "feeling of qi." Along with a rise in your qigong level, a feeling of qi will develop, and this feeling of qi will gradually build and eventually be felt throughout your body. As a result, your original vital energy or yuanqi can be recovered, your chronic diseases cured, and your health improved. It is not known what causes the feeling of qi. Perhaps it has some unknown connection with the air you breathe and the universal qi.