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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Minimal Effort/Maximum Results!

Personal daily routines are all under THIRTY MINUTES.  Yes, the Yiquan training is so core and effective that it requires but a fraction of the time to gain exceptional rewards.  Hence the maxim: Minimal Effort/Maximum Results!  The time it takes us to exercise our mind/body/breath is equal to what most people spend stuck in traffic on the way to the gym or fitness club.  Life Nourishing Qigong is a special platform for developing extreme fitness.  There is nothing more simple or more effective.  For those who have just started training I recommend Ten to Twenty Minutes of Zhan Zhuang per day for two weeks as a fair test of this arts effectiveness! 

Some notes from Master Wang on the body:
"Posture-wise, we must avoid looking up and tilting the head back, because that breaks the straightness of the neck.  Also, do not arch the back.  The elbows and the knees should be neither straight nor overly bent.  The best way is to have them half bent and half straight, that is to say UNLOCKED; then the ligaments will be stretched.  Keep the head straight and also the lower back.  Then the Qi will be able to sink, and the mind will be quiet and at ease.  The tips of your fingers and toes should be slightly extended and every pore of the body should be slightly open. Practice this way, and your internal energy flow will expand outward easily of its own accord.  Your weaknesses will become strengths and you will easily come to self-realization." 

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (2nd Century BC)
"When the mind is calm and stable, the vitality of life circulates harmoniously throughout the body.  If the body is nourished and protected by this circulation of vitality, how can it possibly become ill?"