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Thursday, January 23, 2014

MIT Qigong Club - Special Event

MIT Qigong Club

"Special Event"


Emei Qigong Seminar Info

Master Sifu Fu Wei Zhong

Date: May 10-11, 2014

Time: 9:00-5:00

Location: MIT Cambridge

Cost: $300.00 ($200.00 'one day')


Emei Qigong lineage holder, Master Fu Wei Zhong, will be coming to Boston for a veryspecial weekend seminar.  Master Fu will be teaching the Heaven & Earth sets which are the foundation of the Emei 12 Zhuang's. Master Fu will also be teaching Emei's 'Heaven Pounding Breathing' which was passed down from the martial arts aspects of Emei.

Master Fu has not taught Emei 12 Zhuang Qigong in the USA for many years. Don't miss this opportunity to train with a living legend.

*We will be limiting this event to 20 serious practitioners. Please contact me for more info and reserve your spot today!

Info on the Heaven & Earth sets:

The 12 Forms begins with the Heaven & Earth Forms. The primary application of Heaven & Earth Forms is in the ascending and descending of the qi in the Ren & Du meridians.

In the practice of the Heaven Form, the practitioner experience the ascending of the qi, and the main effect is in supporting the qi and the yang energy.

In the practice of the Earth Form, the practitioner experience the descending of the qi, and the main effect is in supporting the ying energy and suppressing the yang. When Heaven & Earth Forms are practiced together, the qi of the Heaven and Earth mingled within the body, and the flow of qi achieved a state of balance. The Heaven & Earth Forms are the foundation for all the other Forms.

Info on Master Sifu Fu Wei Zhong:

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