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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pin Sun Wing Chun "Training Sampler"

Gulao Boxing Association USA 

Pin Sun Wing Chun "Training Sampler"

This video contains many different elements of our Pin Sun Gongfu system! Footwork, punching, partner training, sticking hands and of course free sparring. 


Fight Footage - BUF Fight Night (October 2013) "Boston, Chinatown"

GBA USA vs Nam Pai (Pin Sun Wing Chun vs Hung Gar)

Pin Sun Representative

1st Fight: Will (3 months experience)

2nd Fight: Dave (5 years experience)

3rd Fight: Dave (5 years experience)


Most if not all of this footage was shot on cell phones. Sorry for the low quality...

For more info:

Jim Roselando (Sifu)