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Thursday, August 8, 2013

FREE Special Event! MIT Qigong & Health Yoga Life "An Evening of Holistic Health"

MIT Qigong & Health Yoga Life
An Evening Of Holistic Health
"Two Arts-Two Instructors"
Qigong: Jim Roselando
Yoga: Vyda Bielkus
When: 9/30/13
Time: 7:00-8:30
Cost: FREE
Where: MIT Dome "Garden"
     Come train with two of the Boston areas most noted instructors for an evening of holistic health @ MIT.  This seminar will focus on the art of health cultivation from two different systems. Chinese Qigong & India's Yoga.  Both are excellent methods of promoting physical and mental well-being and we are excited to announce this event.  
   Train your mind, body & breathing under the Full Moon on this special night.  Our last Full Moon event had "FIFTY" people attend which was the largest Qigong event ever held in Boston.  We are looking to set a new attendance record for this event and spread the tools of health cultivation/awareness to the larger segment of the Boston area! 
Below is a photo from our last Full Moon session:
Full Moon Qigong Event Video:
For more info: