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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Words of Wisdom passed on from Coach Jim Roselando

One day I randomly stopped by coach Jim’s house to see if he wants to practice wing chun. His friend was visiting, and he lead a qigong session instead. That was the first time I’ve experienced energy. I went home and started my qigong journey. Dec 14, 2008… my second birthday.
Being a beginner at the time, I made many mistakes testing out different techniques, which ended up setting me back and causing injury. At one point, I practiced techniques to open my arm meridians, and I couldn’t shake hands with sick people without their sickness coming into me. My hand turned purple and my teacher spent the whole night fixing me.
Coach Jim sent me this from the Qigong bible to keep me on track:
Three extremely important key points for Qigong. one must not violate these, or else it is a disaster.
1. When the mind is quiet, the Spirit will be settled. When the Spirit is settled, the Qi will grow itself to full. When the Qi is full, the Blood circulation will be strong, thus both Qi and Blood will flow smoothly. This is how to grow the Qi.
2. Blood and Qi have their own natural path and flow smoothly. One must never interrupt the natural flow of Blood and Qi. What one can do is to help remove the obstructions and let the Blood and Qi naturally develop and expand. This is how to lead the free flow of Qi and Blood.
3. Goal and cultivation process of Qigong is to relax the physical body, quiet the mind, and let every dynamic flow be natural. Only pay attention to these three things.
Note: Any violation of the above three key points will certainly result in premature aging, weakness, disease, or internal injury.
Basic Qigong tips:
Practice everyday.
Stick to one style.
Don’t create or modify a technique.
Don’t learn qigong from a book or dvd.
Credit for this post goes to my gung fu brother and his blog: Shaking Leaf: Journey into the unknown