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Friday, June 14, 2013

Train Pin Sun Wing Chun with Frank Ferrara (5th generation Sifu) - Boston Ultimate Fitness (Chinatown)

Kulo Boxing Association USA

Pin Sun Wing Chun

Frank Ferrara (5th generation Sifu)


When: Wednesday's

Time: 7:00-8:30

Where: Boston Ultimate Fitness (Chinatown)

Cost: $80- Per Month


     Sifu Frank Ferrara is a 5th generation disciple in the art of Pin Sun Wing Chun boxing under Master Henry Mui.  Sifu Frank Ferrara has been training & teaching martial arts for over 25 years specializing in Pin Sun Wing Chun, Filipino Arnis as well as other systems.  Sifu Frank Ferrara can be seen in such publications as Wing Chun Illustrated as well as in the Kulo DVD "Wing Chun Haven".  Sifu Frank Ferrara is a highly motivated instructor looking for dedicated students to train this rare and practical system.  Don't miss this opportunity to study the art of Pin Sun Wing Chun with this noted instructor!  


Sifu Frank Ferrara:

*Senior Instructor Mui's Martial Art Association
*Senior Instructor Turning Style Wing Chun 
*Instructor Modern Arnis
*25 Years Experience
*Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine
*The Kulo DVD "Wing Chun Haven"

{3 Year Training Program}

{Private Instruction Available}

For more info: pinsunwc@gmail.com

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