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Friday, June 14, 2013

Coach Jim Roselando and Sifu Randy Williams - early 1990's Yip Man Wing Chun footage!

     In the early 1990's our coach spent five years studying Yip Man Wing Chun under Sifu Randy Williams.  Coach JR was in his early twenties and always says he had a lot of fun training with Sifu Randy Williams.  During this time period Coach JR was fortunate to help Sifu Randy Williams with his video series not only for Inside Kung Fu (Los Angeles, USA) but he travelled to Madrid, Spain to assist in the videos that were sold in Citeron Negro Magazine.  It has been many years since then, but recently more footage from their videos has shown up on Youtube.  Below are a few clips of Sifu Randy Williams and Coach JR.  Enjoy! 

(Note: Coach JR was 20 years old in these clips)

IKF Video Series: