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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Preview of Gulao Village Gongfu Article

Gulao Village Gongfu

Pin Sun Wing Chun Kuen

"Coming Soon"

Gulao Yongchun Of Which I Know
{Translated by: Ganchun Huang & Jim Roselando}

Sample below:

In addition, the characteristics of Gulao Yongchun still include "side body, side hit, triangle steps, return to life waist" etc..   The significance and value of Pian Shen are focusing on rotate on center, meanwhile avoid the attacks, block the attack and attack quickly.  In the process your body and steps rotating quickly meanwhile reducing your body as a target, extending your arms and enlarge your strength.  The power and speed of this kind of "waist, steps and hands body cooperation"  set off together with the characteristic of being horizontal that are incredible, it often makes it difficult for your opponent to defend, especially under the situation of body and bridge contact it is very hard to stop from being attacked.   Therefore Gulao Yongchun, no matter what your doing such as attacking, defending, moving forward or moving backwards, hit side or hit center, it must be while rotating and sideways, only difference being how much rotation.......

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