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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sealing the Breath

From Qi Magazine - Issue 89
by Zeng Qingnan & Liu Daoqing

1. Xu (like the word “shoe”)

Mouth form:
Close the lips slightly and stick the tongue forward and roll both sides of the tongue inward slightly.

This has a curative effect for eye trouble, the decline of liver function, poor appetite, and dizziness.

a. Put one hand on top of the other below the navel (the Dantian acupoint), left hand under for men and right hand under for women.
b. Touch the big toes to the ground lightly, stare, produce the sound of “Xu” while contracting the abdomen and breathing out.
c. Breathe in naturally after the stale air is totally exhaled.
Do this 6 times.

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  1. How can you tell if you have done this effectively? Is there an immediate physical sign or feeling that can be measured? Deep sea divers fill and seal their lungs with special breathing exercises and they can prove it works immediately by diving deeper than if the exercise wasn't done.