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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Global Standing in Plaia Lopez, Brazil

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"Our first day we hike 3 or 4 hours through beautiful coastal rainforest to finally arrive at Plaia Lopez, one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world – fine white sand, crystal clear, warm water, nearly deserted and – because its in a nature reserve, bereft of any buildings, skirted only by jungle and the occassional granite rock. I start taking a run down to the most distant part of the beautiful, 3km cresent beach. Eventually find myself in this magical, secluded cove. Absolutely no people, ocean perfectly crystal clear, out to sea, epic mountains and islands rise out of the haze, the waves rock in a benevolent swell. I wade into the water, laughing out loud – THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! The water gently rocks my body, the temperature is perfect. Turning to look back at the shore, I see palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, in the mountains rising above the beach, ferns and grasses gently rocking. As I wade back to the perfect white beach, a cheeky wave tries to knock me over. I sit on the sand for a long time, utterly alone, jungle behind me, salty ocean in front of me. There is a slight breeze. I suddenly remember it’s Christmas day. The moment felt right for some Zhang Zhuang."

-Excerpt from the Journal of Sean 12/25/2012

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