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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 14 Characters (sounds) of Standing Meditation

From a fan of MIT Qigong! Thanks for sharing! 

These characters were taught to me by Mr. Chan.

There are Chinese words where the sounds have a physiological effect. They are used in standing meditation to put mind and body into a natural state. This allows the (Qi) to consolidate and become a force.

The 14 characters are as follows;

Sser Ling: (Be empty, active and alert). This brings the spirit of vitality up to the eyes.

Ting Ching: Suspends the neck making the spine upright.

Haum Shian: Relaxes and slightly depresses the chest to let the chi flow freely down the Den Mo meridian

Fut Pei: Pulls up and rounds the back

Wei Lu Ti: Lifts the coccyx to connect the Jen Mo to the Tu Mo meridian, in the lower back, to 
form the microscopic orbit.)

Ting Tou Shiang: Suspends the head, like hanging, so the spirit of vitality can ascend.

By Jeff Bartfeld