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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Night Qigong at MIT

Date: 9/24/12
From: Jim Roselando (info@apricotforesthall.com)
Subject: Gaining Strength From Non Exertion
     A famous quote from Yiquan's founder on our arts subtle yet profound process: One Will
Gain Strength From Non Exertion! This is the primary difference between natural arts that are
rooted in what most call Yang Sheng (life nourishing) in China and other forms of physical
exercise. But, how is it possible for you to gain strength without exerting yourself? Lets take a
look at what Master Wang Xiang Zhai had to say;
"Appropriate exercises can positively affect every cell and every organ in the human body, improve the functioning of respiratory and vascular systems, and also improve metabolism. In other words, they activate the whole human organism. "

In typical forms of exercise, before the body is tired, there are already problems with breathing and the heart is overburdened. So the exercise must be halted prematurely in order to let one's heart rest, to catch one's breath and return to a normal state.

Chinese combat science uses the opposite method. This is exercise of the muscular and vascular systems, exercise for all cells of the body. The principle is to stimulate every organ at the same time. Even if during exercise your muscles become tired, your pulse stays in the normal range, and breathing is natural. After the exercise, you feel that your breath is freer and more comfortable than before.

Because there are no complex sets of movements, the nervous system is not greatly stressed; you eliminate internal tension, achieving mental calm. This is one of the elements that make combat science different from typical forms of exercise."

     Yiquan uses a combination of static and moving exercise that will have a direct effect on your energy (vitality) level, posture, dynamics, circulation, meditation and other wonderful benefits. During this training you will not deplete or stress your body while continuing on the road to the Natural State! All cultivation will happen gradually and smoothly over time.
     Make no mistake.  Yiquan is, and will be, extremely arduous especially in the early stages. 
Extremely! But, a nothing like you ever experienced in any other form of exercise.  Yiquan is the fastest growing Qigong art in China.  Experience for yourself the powerful results of this internal exercise!
Time: 7:00- 8:00
 Locations: Student Center/491
 Cost: FREE


10min Gathering Qi
5min Left Crane
5min Right Crane
5min Gathering Qi
20min Universal Post
5min Cow Post
5min Gathering Qi
5min Leg Meridian Qi
See you soon!
Jim Roselando