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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yiquan Founder Wang Xiangzhai Poem

Wang Xiangzhai Poem

Wang Xiangzhai
Integrated with spirit and mind,
With plain truth easy to understand,
It is both interesting and enlightening.
It has no method yet every method,
for in boxing all methods are of no avail.
With profound knowledge it helps you to mold your temperment,
Cultivating you in faithfulness, sense of justice, benevolence and bravery.
Propelled by natural strength,
you are as strong as a dragon.
Inhaling and exhaling naturally and quietly,
You perceive the mechanism of all movements.
Be neither too familiar nor too distant towards others,
Show them courtesy, modesty, and respect.
Avail yourself of the force of the universe,
And bring your instinctive ability into full play.
Stand at the center holding the key,
Act according to circumstances without trace.
Eyes seeing nothing and ears hearing only your breathing sound,
You train your mind and regulate your nervous system.
In motion you are like the angry tiger,
In quietness you are like the hibernating dragon.
Your expression is as awesome as that of a leopard,
Your strength is as powerful as that of a rhino.
Preserving the heavenly wisdom and maintaining the state of meditation,
You are ready to act in response to all possible situations.
Wang Xiangzhai
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