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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Night Qigong with Jim Roselando

Date: 5/14/12
From: Jim
Subject: Student Center/Room 491


     I'm looking forward to a powerful session of standing meditation qigong in room 491.  Come train your mind, body and breath with tranquility every Monday night at MIT.  All classes are FREE and we train all year.  So, if your class schedule is too hectic during the semester come train with us during your semester break!  All you need to do is show up and we will give you the technology to heal, strengthen and unite your mind, body and spirit.  All this with One Simple Posture: Zhan Zhuang.

Respect to Master Wang XiangZhai "The Ordinary Is The Extra Ordinary"

Time: 7:00-8-00
Location: Student Center/Room 491


Jim Roselando 

Monday Night Schedule (5/14)
10min gathering qi
5min turning cow
10min low post
10min natural post
5min cow post
5min natural post
5min shi li (left)
5min shi li (right)