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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Contribute to our Global Standing Gallery!

Send your pictures to: qi@mit.edu

Thank you to all of our readers who have shared their Qigong practice from around the world!! Traveling this summer? Please send pictures of your favorite Qigong pose from an exotic location! Or send us a picture from your favorite peaceful local practice spot! Most recent additions to our gallery are from Pondicherry, India and the Roof of Africa, Ethiopa (seen below).

"The definite highlight was our second night, where we made camp at this kind of sun-burnt alpine plain, at around 3600m. I can't imagine a more Dali-esque landscape: smooth hills covered in short, dry yellow grass; the occasional rocky outcrop, a few lonely cacti standing watch - right down to the occasional skinny horse grazing at dead grass, ribs showing. And looking beyond all this, mountains descending to the horizon below. Then began an epic march up to the yellow hills overlooking our campsite. But the crowning moment was unquestionably making it to the other side of the mountain top, revealing a biblical view of the canyons and mountains below. Yes! This was the opportunity I had been waiting for!  The sun was setting; the sky a rarefied azure; no sound but for mountain winds. On this peak - literally the roof of Africa - I stood and watched the sun set on the cradle of humanity as if from above. A single eagle soared above the sun, effortlessly gliding on ethereal thermals. I felt I needed to be on my knees, paying silent homage to the scene."