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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MIT Presidents Day Qigong

Date: 2/20/12
Subect: Monday Night Training
     I am looking forward to a great session of natural qigong at MIT tonight!  Simple training and exceptional results are what we are known for so come train with us every Monday night and we will give you the keys to heal, strengthen and unite your mind, body and breath with tranquility.  All classes are FREE so bring a friend and we will see you tonight!
Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: Student Center/Room 491
Cost: FREE
 5min Gathering Qi
10min Heaven/Earth poses
10min Hun Yun posts
5min Gathering Qi
15min Natural Post
5min Cow Post
5min Turning Cow
3min Gathering Qi
2min Seal/Wash
Jim Roselando
     Although medicinal preparations are the basis for longevity, their benefits will be greatly enhanced if one is able to combine them with respiration techniques.  If one cannot obtain herbs, one can still live to several hundred years of age if one practices respiration and full grasps its principles.  Indeed, Man exists within the qi and qi exists within Man.  From Heaven and Earth down to the Myraid Things, there is nothing that does not rely on qi for life.  Those adept at respiration can nurture the body within and dispel illness and malignancy without.  Those who fully grasp the principle of cultivation health (Yang Sheng) unremittingly practice respiration, perform qigong exercises in the morning and evening to promote and stimulate the blood and "defensive energy"....can indeed be free from illness. (Ge Hong-Bao Pu Zi)