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Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday November 7 MIT Qigong

Date: 11/10/11
Subject: Monday Night Session


Big thank you for such an enthusiastic session on Monday night!  We had twenty people all practicing Yiquan Qigong's simple and highly effective standing meditation postures.  Natural conditioning, natural dynamics, natural breathing and natural meditation all from standing still!  Rise, sink, open, close, yin and yang all from standing still!  Master Wang Xiang Zhai stated: The ordinary is the extraordinary.  I truly feel that there has never been a more accurate statement made about the art of Yiquan Qigong!

Monday Nights Session:

5 Gather Qi
5/5 Heaven & Earth Post
5 Gather Qi
8 Turning Cow
2 Gather Qi
20 Zhuang #1
5 Zhuang #3
Seal & Wash

I look forward to working out with everyone on Monday!


Jim Roselando