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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monday Night Wuji Recap

Date: 10-8-11
Subject: Monday Night Session
     Monday night was a wonderful session.  A full house of holistic health enthusiasts all training the simple yet powerful Wuji Zhuang!  It was nice to hear so many comments regarding our practice.  The reason for the fantastic results was 100% rooted in the deeper level of relaxation everyone was able to taste.  In Qigong we always say: The deeper the relaxation, The deeper the cultivation!  Some comments I heard: "I'm pumped", "My shoulders are more relaxed", "I was able to relax my breathing much more than normal", "I feel more centered", "My legs were fried", "My arms feel longer", etc....   

Monday Qigong Session:

5 Small Vibes
10 Gather Qi
35 Wuji Zhuang
5 Gather Qi
Seal & Wash

Thanks for all your support and once again I would like to say, Great job everyone!
See you on Monday!
Jim Roselando

The ordinary is the extra ordinary!  WXZ