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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Night Year Two Review (8/9/11)

Date: 8-9-11
Subject: Monday Night Session

     Over the past few weeks @ MIT we have reviewed the Year One & Two Qigong training.  Last night was all Year Two Qigong training which is designed to build on the foundation and also get the body ripe for the Year Three sets!  The training program is so simple that it is suitable for people of all ages and the results are certainly second to none.  Thanks again for all the questions and emails.  I am always happy to hear your thoughts.  Below are some notes on Zhan Zhuang Qigong from our arts founder, Master Wang Xiang Zhai:

Within the body the muscles are at ease, suspended from the sky.
Outside, each hair is active, moving with the air.
The inner eye is quiet, seeing the three thousand.
The ear listens intently to its own body, like the eavesdropping on lovers.
Play like a dragon in the ocean and sky.
Or as a cloud swirling around the moon.
The images of this art are without beginning or end.
You balance, intoxicated, on a leaping dragon fish.  


Qigong Session 8/8/11
10 Gather Qi
10/10 Half Supporting (L & R)
10 Universal Post
10 Moving Post (L & R)
10/10 Testing Strength (L & R)
Seal & Wash


This was the last session in our current location!  
Next week we will be in Room 242/Building 1!!!


Jim Roselando