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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MIT Monday Qigong: Year Three Exercises

Date: 8/17/11
Subject: Monday Night Qigong 


      Monday night we continued with our review of the MIT Qigong "Three Year Program".  Working on year three exercises we covered the Classical Eight Posts as well as introducing the Three Point Leg set.  This training is designed to holistically link the entire body.  Allowing whole body circulation and awareness.  I would like to say that I am very impressed with everyone in our class.  Zhan Zhuang is very demanding and coming to class and holding still postures for 40-60 minutes is amazing.  GREAT JOB!!! 

Last night training set:

10 Gather Qi
5 Zhuang #1
5 Zhuang #2
5 Zhuang #3
5 Zhuang #4
5 Zhuang #5
5 Zhuang #6
5 Zhuang #7
5 Zhuang #8
5 Gather Qi
5 Leg Work
Seal & Wash  

See you next week!

Jim Roselando