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Friday, August 5, 2011

The 12 Fists of Leung Jan's Kulo Wing Chun

In the second issue of WC Illustrated, MIT Qigong Coach, Jim Roselando, discusses the 12 Fists of Leung Jan's Kulo Pin Sun Wing Chun:

1) Siu Lin Tau “Small First Training”
2) Dai Lin Tau “Big First Training”
3) Som Gin Choi “Three Arrow Fists
4) Biu Choi “Darting Fist”
5) Sup Jee Choi “Cross Shape Fist”
6) Lan Kiu “Obstructing Bridge”
7) Wu Dip Jeung “Butterfly Palms”
8) Jit Jee Kum Kiu “Slicing Fingers Seizing Bridge”
9) Hok Bong “Cranes Wing”
10) Tang Ma Biu Jee “Jumping Horse Darting Fingers”
11) Wan Wun Yiu “Life After Death”
12) Fook Fu “Taming Tiger”

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