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Monday, July 18, 2011

Zhan Zhuang Instructional Video: Day 9

In Day 9, we leave the Chinese country side and travel to the urban setting of Hong Kong. City life is busy and creates tension, but this pressure can be overcome through the simple exercises of Qigong. We begin with a new warm-up exercise: punch one fist out while chambering the second. We then move into the final position, the Low Post. Make sure your fingers are gently open. Your hands are not too forward, not too close to your body, somewhere in the middle. Two balloons under your arms, relax your chest, relax your shoulders. Don't stick out your belly or your bottom. Keep your body upright, in the middle, centered.  Your eyes look forward, your ears can accept any noise. Breathe through your nose, very calm, quiet, and naturally. Professor Yu explains that zhan zhuang relaxes the brain, rests the brain. "As Mr. Wang Xiangzhai used to say: the advantage of zhan zhuang is that by entering into the practice the brain has a chance to rest. No other forms of exercise can achieve this. Most exercises put your mind in a state of excitement. If I stand still, I have a complete sense of safety, no fear of hurting myself, the mind is not excited, it is in a state of self-will. This makes it possible to concentrate fully on the exercise."