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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zhan Zhuang Instructional Video: Day 8

"A good way to keep healthy is to practice Qigong, the way of energy. "Qigong is our breath energy, or life force. In China, virtually any type of natural activity, even playing music and singing, can be described as Qigong. Many Chinese believe that practicing Qigong adds to their health and vitality and ensures an active old age. Lam Kam Cheun's exercises are designed to increase our own energy, naturally and without strain." In Day 8, we return to the Songshan Mountain countryside and join Lam Kam in a new warm-up exercise. Breathe in and raise your hands to the sky, breathe out as you bring yours hands back down and gently bend your knees. We then practice the Fourth Position again, holding the arms to the side with the palms facing the ground, gently resting on imaginary balloons. "You are also sitting on the balloon chair, your head is floating on top of the shoulders. Don't hunch your shoulders, stay natural. Your arms are supported by the balloons and also always make sure your knee is not beyond your toes. Breathe naturally, relax, harmony, quietly, calm." "Water and philosophy are often drawn together in the classic Chinese text, the Tao te Ching. The ripples of life might disturb the surface of the pond, but underneath it is calm and tranquil. As you stand still, try to imagine an inner tranquility, a sense of quietness, a feeling of soft and supple energy, which the ripples of every day life cannot disturb."