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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take the Two Week MIT Qigong Challenge!

Date: 7-18-11
Subject: Smooth & Gradual


     Many people come to Qigong looking to improve their health and well being but the simple fact is there can be little progress without a little daily investment in your Zhan Zhuang practice.  At MIT Qigong we often tell people that; Zhan Zhuang is the most direct way to heal, strengthen and unite you mind, body & breath with tranquility.  The is no doubt this is true as Zhan Zhuang provides natural conditioning, natural meditation and natural healing all from standing still.  One of Zhan Zhuang's main goals is to loosen up the physical body and quiet down the mind.  As this smooth process is happening you will gradually return the body to its natural state of Yin & Yang!   Those who are looking for stress or anxiety reduction need to keep in mind it took many years to arrive at your current frequency level and it will take a little daily practice to begin to quiet you back down.  The primary purpose of Lower Abdominal Breathing is to quiet your system down so as your body begins to loosen up (unlock your joints) and your mind begins to quiet down this helps remove any blockage within your body/mind and allows the natural healing process to begin to work.

     Many new people often ask; How do we train Zhan Zhuang at home?  At MIT Qigong we offer FREE training schedules/programs but for a fair test we recommend a simple TWO WEEK daily exercise of only 10-15 minutes per day.  The training is so effective that your awareness begins tuning immediately which transfers over to your daily life.  Those who take the two week test often give us a THREE MONTH test of 20 minutes per day for a more lengthy or proper test of the arts effectiveness for cultivating excellent health and well-being.  Within 3-4 classes at MIT Qigong you will learn all the Year One/Level One training exercises!  We are not looking to dribble information out to students in order to keep them for a decade so they can learn a complicated set or numerous actions.  It is our goal to give you the tools and understanding of how & why Zhan Zhuang is pound for pound the most effective mind/body platform known to humanity!  The rest is up to you.  The more you put into the exercise the more you will get out of it!  

I'm looking forward to a great training session tonight at MIT! 

See you soon!


MIT Monday Night Qigong (July 18, 2011)

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