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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Qi Magazine Archives

In the coming weeks, we will be featuring material from deep within the Qi Magazine archives. Qi Magazine was a newsstand periodical launched in the mid-1990s to cover the world of qigong and inform the English-speaking world of the spectrum of practice and thought being offered by various master practitioners in the West. Each issue of Qi Magazine is built around a number of short feature articles that provide insight from the wisdom of one of the more notable qigong masters, introduce an element of basic practice, or discuss the value of a form of Chinese medicine. Many of these are illustrated with detailed diagrams of the body or of the movements being discussed. There is a large letters-to-the-editor column in which readers are invited into a lively dialog with the editorial staff. The magazine grew from a small black and white booklet to a proper magazine that was distributed all over the world. Sadly Qi Magazine has now ceased production, but not after 18 years and 90 issues all packed with rare and unique articles covering all aspects of Chinese Qigong, martial arts, culture and philosophy. 


Qi Magazine First Issue (1991)

Dear Qigong Supporters,

Firstly, I wish to thank all of you for supporting Qigong and chinese health exercises, over the past three years since my arrival in England. I have decided to publish this new magazine devoted to Qigong and related Chinese arts because I want more people to understand and to get benefit from Qigong, by improving their health and develop to their full potential. A lot of people who practice Qigong have questions, but are unable to find the answers. Sometimes they are mislead by books written by people who do not fully understand Qigong, consequently some practitioners consider quitting! On the other hand there is not much literature or information on Qigong, and this magazine aims to change that by revealing the secrets of Qi internal development and health.

Why do some people live longer?
Why do some people get ill very easily?
Why do many people get old at only 40 or 50?

If we can understand our Qi we can all live much longer lives. I believe that the 90's is the decade for health. We should try to understand our health potential and search for long life. I want everyone to have more information and contact with each other, and I hope that his magazine will attract other Qigong or Taiji masters, who have similar aims of promoting awareness and development in these arts. I sincerely hope that Qi Magazine attracts a worldwide readership and results a greater understand and discussion of Qigong.

Qi Magazine will be distributed in Great Britain, United States, Sweden and Canada, and translated into German for readers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I hope that it will become known as an unbiased magazine and raises the awareness of the general public and the knowledge and skills of Qigong practitioners everywhere.

Yours Truly,
Michael Tse