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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MIT Qigong Program: Monday, June 13

While Coach Jim recommends just 20 minutes of zhan zhuang training every day, our club meets every Monday for a full hour of soft qigong practice. The power of group mentality enables even first time participants to endure an advanced routine of postures. Last Monday, we had five new students join us in Kresge Auditorium for a full hour of year one and year two exercises.

                                    (10m)   Gathering Qi
                                    (5/5m)  Crane Left/Right
                                    (5/5m)  Hun Yun Zhuang
                                    (5m)     Turning Cow 
                                    (10m)   Cow Post (#5)
                                    (10m)   Universal Post (#1)