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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring/Summer Location Schedule

Date: 5-16-11
Subject: Spring/Summer Schedule

     Many people have been asking, Will the MIT Qigong Club be open during the Spring/Summer school break??? Answer: YES! Our normal Monday night 7-8p class is open all year. The only thing we need to be aware of is our LOCATION SCHEDULE. For the past X months we have been training in Room 306 of the Student Center. This will be the last week in Room 306 so please join the mailing list for updates on class location schedule: http://mailman.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/qigong

                        May 23: Building 1, Room 242 (1-242)
                        May 30: Break for Memorial Day
                        June 6 - August 8: Kregske Auditorium Rehearsal Room A (W16-033)
                        August 15-29: Building 1, Room 242 (1-242)

Thanks again for all the support!  I look forward to a fantastic Spring/Summer of training @ MIT!

Jim Roselando

Training Schedule from May 16
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