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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jim Roselando: The Root of Yang Sheng Qigong

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Fr: Jim Roselando, Boston, USA
Re: The Root of Yang Sheng Qigong

Hello again,
     There are many ways to affect ones energy level! Our art is called: Yiquan (mind boxing) as the Mind is the key aspect for regulating ones physical well being. Since our method of cultivation is based on Mind cultivation, we need to understand the benefits of Non-Attachment. An active mind will cause all sorts of issues.  Examples:
                           Anger makes energy rise
                           Worry makes energy low
                           Over-thinking makes the energy knot
                           Grief makes energy vanish
                           Fear makes energy descend
                           Shock disorients the energy

     In Yiquan Qigong we follow the maxim of: Use silence to lead action. Non-attachment is the road to silence, and it is being mindful of the posture, relaxation and breathing that is essential as they are our "loose guidelines" to keep us developing. Awareness of these three elements will gradually change the frequency from chaotic to calm. A calm mind, body and breath will give birth to vitality & energy!  

Greetz from Boston, USA
Jim Roselando