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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wang XiangZhai Pile Skills

Some notes from Master Wang Xiang Zhai:

"In daily life, the exerciser should, at any place or time, pay attention to body postures in walking, sitting, standing or lying, and regard them as part of proper training.  This is done based on Zhuangfa or "Pile Skills" - the skill of keeping steadfast like a pile under all circumstances.  One sets all parts of the body to an appropriate state, keeps the body erect, with a mind free from any distractions, regulating the mind and the breath, conserving the muscles, so that the natural energy of the cells can be directed from the inside to outside through the whole body.  In doing so, the practitioner trains muscles, bones, and nervous system without knowing it.  What is crucial here is that one should concentrate the mind on perceiving the delicate motion and stillness inside the body.  When such a realm is reached, one will certainly understand the magical effect of Pile Skills.  So Zhuangfa is the first thing one should learn to practice."