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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sifu Hendrik Santo: Loose & Quiet

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    Date: 3/28/11
    From: Jim (info@apricotforesthall.com)
    Subject: Loose & Quiet

When it comes to Qigong there are a few CORE principles that one must follow otherwise the result will be a depleted body rather than a nourished natural body. My teacher has always made it clear to me that we do not force anything and our goal is to be physically loose and mentally quiet. This is the foundation of Yang Sheng (life nourishing) Qigong! This method breaks any obstruction within our body and allows the Qi to grow and flow smoothly with the blood. Below you will find notes from my teacher regarding Qigong.


Notes come from the Cho family heir; Hendrik Santo (Sifu):

1, When the mind is quiet, the spirit will settle, when spirit settles, the Qi will grow itself to full. When the Qi is full, the Blood circulation will be strong, and thus both Qi and Blood will smoothly flow. This is how to grow the Qi.

2, Blood and Qi have their own natural path and both need to flow smoothly. One must never interrupt the natural flow of the Blood and Qi. What we can do is to help remove any obstructions and let the Blood and Qi naturally develop and expand. This is how to lead the free flow of the Qi and Blood.

3, The goal and cultivation process of Qigong is relax the physical body, quiet the mind, and let everything flow naturally. Only pay attention to these three things.

In other words, The training of Qigong is an act of Let Go and Just BE. This will lead one's body, mind & energy to return and vibrate (or resonance) with nature's frequency. We are not trying to create anything. Only to help the mind, body, energy return and balance with nature's vibration.

This is also called Wu Wei or Non Doing. One is not doing anything but achieving everything! But one is helping lead the body, mind, energy to return to its natural state and let it grow or repair itself on its own.

Looking forward to training with everyone tonight!!!
Time: 7:00-8:00
Room: Student Center/Room 306


Jim Roselando