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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Move Towards Simplicity: Hun Yun Zhuang

The heart of Yiquan Qigong training is the Universal Post (aka Hun Yun Zhuang)! Anyone who studies the art of Yiquan Qigong will spend much of their foundation practice standing and cultivating in that one posture. Master Wang Xiang Zhai's philosophy was that of all true masters!  He was able to take the complicated and find the essence. Read below what Master Wang felt about the Hun Yun Zhuang:

The methods of Zhan Zhuang are rather numerous, for example, xianglong zhuang (subdue the dragon post), fuhu zhuang (taming tiger post), ziwu zhuang (midnight-noon post), sancai zhuang (heaven, earth & man post) etc..  Now, GET RID OF THE NUMEROUS AND MOVE TOWARDS SIMPLICITY, take the strong points of each Zhuang and combine them into one, namely Hun Yun Zhuang -WXZ

To achieve wonders in the health arts, one must have the changing of one's strength with Zhan Zhuang as the foundation and starting point. This means changing the weak into strong and clumsy into nimble.  In training Zhan Zhuang we get rid of the numerous and move towards simplicity. After training for only TEN DAYS the student will get results naturally. Written words cannot express its marvel.  -WXZ